The Challenges of Health Care Systems' Insufficiency
Cothink, system thinking, creativity ... all of that, applied to our health care systems, which are insufficient like when a heart is insuffficient: it can cope, but it can't cope with everything.



It looks like health care systems can't cope with much more.

There are waiting lists (to see your practitioner, to be diagnosed, for surgery), "user" and profesional insatisfaction (and pressure to "do more with less"), diminished quality (there's no time to do things well), high-rocketting costs, unequality and rationing ...

Some call it "health care system insufficiency". To many, the hunch is it will get worse (prognosis).

This would be so because the causational factors (the etiology) remains. Among those causes there are at least the growth of the older population, the developement of diagnostic procedures, the developement of therapeutic procedures (surgery, drugs, genome ...), etc.

The treatment is not clear, but it looks like it is a good oportunity to think creatively, collaboratively, sistemicly - and maybe get some ideas out of that.

All that I'll write here is exploratory, a draft, written with erasable pencil. Do not take anything too seriously, just in case.

There's a companion site in Spanish, with more content, here

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